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Neuroscience and Education

In Continuing education on January 26, 2013 at 5:58 pm

I’m participating in an online course related to neuroscience and education. The first week has been spent on the physical structure and function of the brain. This is mostly review for me since I have had a fair amount of coursework and previous reading in this area.

I find understanding the mechanics of what is happening in the ultimate “black box,” the brain, to be very helpful. If I have learned anything from living with a family member who has Attention Deficit Disorder, it is that it is foolish to expect someone to do something that they cannot do.  There is often a fine line, that is hard to find, between what a person can do and what they cannot do. As for what they “cannot” do, it may be a matter of finding another way, a way around the usual path.

Whether a brain is functioning normally or has some impediment (adhd, dyslexia, constant stress, etc.) it is important to remember that not every action is premeditated. The child acting up in class may not have the faintest idea why he/she is acting up. Nor is it something that they can turn on and off with a toggle switch.

Cultural differences also muddy the waters. I am dealing with students who are all members of the same culture. I am the weirdo, if you will, the alien. I struggle to understand what they value and why they value it, because it seems to be the opposite of my value system. Catching their attention and motivating them to participate in their own education is my current challenge.